LaGrave Designs

Wholesale and Corporate


I am interested in acquiring new wholesale accounts.  If you would like to discuss a wholesale order, please contact me at or 321-427-9238.

Corporate Accounts

I am always interested in exploring new markets for my art, and feel that it lends itself to corporate gift giving.  While handcrafted 3D kaleidoscope art can make a very special gift, the kaleidoscope images can also be printed on any number of items such as coasters or tiles, mugs, tote bags and t-shirts for a more affordable yet unique gift for larger numbers.  Some ideas for corporate gift giving include:
  • Employee Appreciation Gifts (office building, logo, etc.)
  • Board Member or Shareholder Gifts (office building, logo, etc.)
  • Client Gifts
  • Home Builders or Real Estate Agents (gifts to buyers of their new home)
To discuss ideas for corporate gift giving, please contact me at or 321-427-9238.
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